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Our Company

Good People Building Great Networks

SynchroNet, Incorporated headquartered in Bremen, GA, is a telecommunications leader in designing, installing, and testing, providing turnkey services in today’s dynamic and evolving networks. With our years of experience and leadership in the industry, we have developed long lasting partnerships with our customers by supporting their needs and requirements with safe and efficient solutions.

SynchroNet has uniquely innovative knowledge, experience, and capabilities that position our company in the market as one of the strongest and most reliable service partners.

Our company strives to provide our customers with exceptional service and invests in our company family both professionally and personally.

Our company establishes valuable long lasting partnerships with the industry leading equipment vendors by investing in training for project management, engineering, and field installation specifically tailored to our partners equipment, services, processes, and customer needs.

The types of telecom service providers
we support are:

  • Cable operators
  • Mobile operators
  • Internet service operators
  • Data Center operators
  • Cloud operators
  • Optical Backhaul operators
  • Other network service providers including government entities.

We successfully implement network builds including all of today’s technologies and line rates, such as:

  • 10Gb/s
  • 100Gb/s
  • 400Gb/s
  • 500Gb/s
  • Terabit Ethernet

In addition, we specialize in optical super channel and intelligent coherent implementations including greenfield builds, existing network upgrades, live maintenance window support, and real time traffic migrations.