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Simplify the Process with Site Surveys

Having the surveys, engineering, and implementation phases of a project completed by a single partner simplifies the process and reduces overall costs.

Site surveys are a critical aspect of any project. Performing surveys at each location involved in a project ensures the necessary installation related materials, equipment, and applicable engineering details are clearly identified. With the site survey data, the scope of work can be verified and the engineering packages can be created supporting a seamless implementation phase.

Examples of site survey deliverables provided by SynchroNet:

  • Priced Installation Related Materials Spreadsheet
  • Detailed site drawings – including floorplans, rack-face views, fiber raceway layouts
  • Verification of power assignments and capacity
  • Verification of fiber assignments
  • Verification of telemetry cable assignments
  • Site photos
  • Site Access protocols
  • Verification of site readiness for project implementation
Survey service