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Superior quality in every aspect


At SynchroNet, our culture is built around superior quality in every aspect of our business. Not only in the physical implementation of our valued customer’s networks but also in the personal and professional development of our employees.

Our main focus is to empower our employees with the ability to mature and grow both personally and professionally allowing each individual to obtain the necessary tools required to demonstrate superior execution in life and on the job. Developing employees with habits that sow passion for quality and personal excellence helps SynchroNet stand out in the industry.

Setting clear expectations with our team, investing in growth, promoting from within our company, and recognizing victories clearly puts the company and employees in a position for long term customer relationships and growth.

We have developed a detailed and documented internal training program around employee skillsets and advancement. With this structured program, we allow our employees to mature and grow as well as ensure no technician performs tasks on a customer’s network prior to being fully certified and trained.

We have processes in place for tracking employee development and growth beginning at the onboarding phase and continuing through the employees entire career.

  • Onboarding
  • Level-1 Field Installation Technician
  • Level-2 Field Installation Technician
  • Level-3 Field Installation Technician
  • Level-4 Field Installation Technician
  • Test and Turn-Up Technician-1
  • Test and Turn-Up Technician-2
  • Field Engineer
  • Project Engineer
  • Project Manager

An employee can see their career path during the onboarding process and understand what is required to advance to any level in the company.

SynchroNet encourages advancement while building and implementing a structured organization to allow all employees with the ability to grow both personally and professionally.

Level-1 Log Book Training

On boarding, entry level training, technician development, concepts and expectations

Level-2 Log Book Training

Basic installation concepts, fiber installation, EDP recognition and concepts, Vendor product recognition

Level-3 Log Book Training

Team Lead, Advanced installation, power installation, MW awareness, job reporting, Vendor Testing

Level-4 Log Book Training

Project Lead, Power maintenance work, MOP creation, stand alone MW support, advanced Vendor Testing, Shadow support